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Regarding Suncom Customer Service:

I have had insurance on my phones with Suncom for 5 years. I have a 6 year old and am a single parent. I am responsible and do my best to cover my bases for I have no room for mishaps and unexpected costs.

I know things happen with kids so have always had insurance, and a few times in 5 years I had to replace my phone with insurance due to the kid when he was 3 putting phone into dog bowl and other stuff.

Well....I dropped my phone in my cup of coffee (somehow??)this time.

I called to get the insurance number to file a claim and SUNCOM said I no longer had insurance.

I was like: WHAT!!!??

They said it was taken off my account in October.

There were no notes on my account that I had asked for it, it just magically dissappeared.

I do remember going in the store that same month with a billing issue, and asking to add a service, a service called :ring back tones. I also asked to get a seperate bill for my personal cell and my business cell phone so I could keep track of business expenses easier.

Something simple. Well, the service rep at the store must have not added insurance back on my account when she changed my account.

I went to the supervisor at SunCOm and they said at the store, reps sometimes forget to add that service back on.

I asked how I am held responsible for this, and this was their final answer...

"You should have noticed you weren't being billed for it"

The insurance is $5.00 a month. I notice when am being overcharged, not undercharged! Cell phone bills fluctuate every month about $5.00 to $10.00 for text messaging and such.

The amazing thing is that about a year before that insurance was taken off my phone without me asking for it to be and I had it put back on again, but I caught it then before I had a problem. So this is the 2nd time.



IT WAS THEIR MISTAKE, and now I have no phone and no extra money to buy one. That is why i had insurance in the first place.

They were rude to me on top of it.

I have been a customer for 5 years. I would cancel, but cancellation fee is $200

You can be sure when my contact time comes up, I won't renew.

I thought Suncom was supposed to "get it".

Obviously they didn't and don't.

Misty Childs

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